Creating Interactive Info-graphics

Having good quality content on your website is key for being found on search engines such as Google. Once your potential new customers reach your website it is very important to keep them engaged and encouraged to read more of your content so you can convey your message to them.

Interactive info-graphics allow for large amounts of content either images or words, or in fact both to be displayed on a single screen. It engages your viewer as they will be interacting by tapping or hovering over targets to reveal more information.

Below are some examples of interactive info-graphics.

Interactive Image
Shop Product Selection
Map With Video

The more your viewers have meaningful interactions, the more likely they will stay connected with your website.


Infographics allow for S.E.O. mark up, so your text and imagery can be understood by Google bots and will help increase your onboard S.E.O.

The Process

In the first instance send an email or call us, outlining what information you would like to have created into a infographic.

Some examples of infographics

Maps -Floor/Site plans
Image showing features
Process flow chart

We then create the infographic with your content and then build a concept design for you to approve. When we have met with your expectations a final design will be created and will be ready for uploading into your WordPress website, either by yourself or we can do that for you.


Every infographic is unique and we will give you an exact quote after your initial contact.

Starting from $190.00

No upfront payment, only purchase if you are a happy with our concept design.